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"Body Limits"- Contemporary Verse 2, January 2023. Print. 

"Porn Music" - Yolk Literary Journal, September 2022. Print. 

"heat dome" & "clean". - Garbage Day Zine, September 2021. 

"leaving you," "womb," "eyes"  Wax Poetry and Art Magazine, August 2021. Print.

eulogy for daniel (who is dead to me) - Half a Grapefruit Magazine, May 2021

"Roach" "Love Letter to My Organs" Yolk Literary Journal, April 2021

bird-killer - The McGill Tribune, Fall 2020 Creative Supplement 

anti-baby shower - The McGill Tribune, Winter 2019 Creative Supplement

Pyrotek's Propane Flame Dragon - article, TPI Magazine, January 2018

"gold flecks" & "pieces of sky" - The McGill Daily, February 2018

body PACE Magazine, August 2018. Print. 

plastic gun - The McGill Tribune, Fall 2017 Creative Supplement

The Blue Light Open Book Magazine, January 2014

Poetry Collections


Another Language to Lie In - self-published poetry collection available on major retail distribution sites, Spring 2017

this is the start of the universe cover.

This Is The Start of The Universe - self-published poetry collection, Winter 2015


Runner-Up Award - Ontario Poetry Society's Ultra Short Poetry Contest, 2014

First-Place - Write Across Ontario Short Story Competition, 2013

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